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I live in South Central Texas on my husband’s family’s farm with an assortment of dogs, cats, horses, cattle, coyotes, feral hogs, wild turkeys, armadillos, scorpions, sentient cacti, and chupacabras. Our children are the seventh generation to live on the property. I work at home, writing and keeping house and managing things. I often go days at a time without setting foot off the family land.

I have three children, all homeschooled through high school. Every one of them is a better writer than I was at their age.

I sing and play the Irish pennywhistle and have performed in the past with a Celtic folk band. I still play and sing when I have the opportunity.

My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ, which I share with Jane Austen, Former U.S. President John Adams, Emperor Palpatine, Isaac Newton, Karl Marx, Elrond, Martin Luther, and most of the higher-functioning supervillains.

My husband, Greg, is natural leader, motivator, and problem-solver. He works in manufacturing. On his days off he builds fence, uses a chainsaw, and rides around on his tractor. He helps me to laugh at myself and to keep it all in perspective.

I have a Roomba and I love him. His name is Jarvis. I love his industry and cheerfulness. When he finishes vacuuming an area and returns to his recharging dock while singing his triumphant little song, I give him a congratulatory cheer.

I’ve been writing fiction for as long as I’ve known that was a thing people could do. Sometimes I get paid. You can find my ebooks here. I’ve written fantasy, romance, Southwestern gothic, and science fiction.

I love to read God’s Word and live in his presence. The older I get, the more amazed I am by his majesty, his love, and his grace.

4 comments on “About

  1. Russell Allison says:

    I had a thought about the wandering Midkiffs a day or so ago as I was finishing one book and headed to the next. I wondered whether it was possible to go to Amazon and find a novel from Brandi Midkiff yet.

    Hope all is well with you and yours-

    Russell Allison

  2. jaymie grounds sprabary says:

    its jaymie (grounds) sprabary

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