Survival: A New Story Published on Smashwords

Yesterday my suspense novella, Survival, was published on Smashwords, a platform for multi-format ebooks. I started this story about three years ago, shortly after we moved south. We were living at the time in a drafty little WWII-era house smack-dab in the middle of hundreds of isolated acres, surrounded by mesquite scrub that flowed on and on like a sea of choking thorns. In this part of Texas, even the plant life can be hostile, and it takes a special sort of toughness to survive or thrive. This story is about people who manage to do that–some with honor and courage and decency, others with barefaced malice and savagery–and about what happens when their worlds collide.

You can find Survival here, where you can sample the first 20% for free. I also have a personal Smashwords author’s page.

My other ebook, a short story entitled “The Home Place,” was published last year by NoTreeBooks. It’s still available here.

You don’t have to own a Kindle or other e-reading device to download my stories. I actually don’t have an e-reader myself yet, simply because I haven’t made up my mind which one would best suit my needs. What I do have is Kindle for PC, a free app available from Amazon. It installed in mere seconds on my laptop and enables me to view ebooks on my computer screen. Amazon also has Kindle apps for Mac, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and others. Links to these apps should be accessible from the Amazon page for “The Home Place.”

I’d appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to check out my work and also spread the word. Thanks for your support!

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