Home Sweet Gym

Advantages to Working Out at Home

  • No driving
  • No strangers
  • No fees
  • No social embarrassment about ragged workout wardrobe
  • Resident teenagers available to help operate iPod
  • Immediate access to home shower—unless someone cuts ahead of me


Disadvantages to Working Out at Home

  • Little dog keeps sneaking onto mat
  • Big dogs keep licking my face
  • Cat crawls under me during push-ups and creeps onto my abs during crunches
  • Kitten climbs up my legs and clings to my back just out of reach like an animated grass burr
  • Resident teenagers mock me/comment on my form/take unflattering photos of me/try to get me to laugh during curls
  • Push-ups disrupted by impulse to clean tile floor
  • Workout site affords excellent view of teenage son improperly folding laundry


Not that there’s really a decision to be made here. Home really is my favorite place—with all the dirty dishes, piles of school books that never get put away, and hordes of deranged cats, dogs, and people.

2 comments on “Home Sweet Gym

  1. Jim McNeely says:

    You’re right. Add to the home cons that young sons use equipment when I would like to. But my times of liking to have become all too infrequent.

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