Daniel has purchased a cell phone with texting capabilities. He is the first person in our immediate family to do so. He bought it with his own money, and with his own money he will buy the minutes. I watched him hunker, apelike, over his phone, punching the tiny buttons with his large thumbs. With my own eyes I saw my son spell ppl. I made snide remarks about the paucity of vowels and punctuation until he said, “Believe me, Mom, you aren’t going to enjoy looking over my shoulder while I text.” So I quit.

Having an extra cell phone in the household is pretty handy, I must admit. Our other cell phone is paid by the minute, which is economical for us because we almost never use it and leave it turned off unless we are calling someone. Emergencies only, no yakking. Daniel leaves his turned on, so people (or ppl) can communicate with him in real time. Daniel says, “It’s comforting to know I can get in touch with anyone now . . . except the members of my immediate family.”

2 comments on “OMG!

  1. TC says:

    Apparently he’s become quite proficient at texting – oops, txt – since you wrote this entry. 🙂

    ~Audrey’s mom

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