Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean Someone Isn’t Really Trying to Steal Your Drumstick

Bridget, my Sheltie, is a small dog, about twenty pounds. Ready is twice her weight, and Tara makes three of her. Sometimes Bridget must fight to defend her morning meat, or run to keep it. Most days she receives one raw chicken thigh or drumstick as her portion. Ready gets a leg quarter, and Tara gets a leg quarter plus an extra drumstick or thigh. Despite having the smallest portion, Bridget is the slowest eater, and sometimes Tara steals her meat. One morning we saw Bridget run out from under the house, drumstick clutched in her mouth, closely followed by Tara. They made several laps, with Bridget doing her best to growl through her mouthful of chicken, until we managed to nab Tara. Cats sometimes steal Bridget’s meat too. I guess all this has made my dog paranoid, because this morning Emilie saw her throwing a fit over her breakfast under the house when there were no cats or other dogs to be seen.

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