A Shocking Omission

I have a shocking habit of forgetting to embed links. In my post of 1 October, I mentioned an article about short story writing as if I would provide a link to it and then did not. Here it is. I have also edited the post and provided the link there.

My excuse for this negligence is that I compose blog posts at my laptop, which has no internet access, then save them on a flash drive and tote them over to the main computer, located in the room that has the phone jack, for posting. (Some of you, like my technophile brother-in-law, may be thinking at this point, “Wow, do people even use modems anymore?” Some of us do.)

Anyway, I suppose I ought to come up with a system to remind myself to embed links. Maybe I’ll add a little asterisk while composing.

2 comments on “A Shocking Omission

  1. Jessica B. says:

    Hi Mrs. M!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now…and I’m hoping to hear from you again soon. Your posts are always a unique mix of informative and funny…I really enjoy reading it.

    Actually, you inspired me to start up my own blog again. Thanks! I’m eagerly awaiting your next blog post.

    Jessica B.

    • mountainlaurel says:

      Thank you! We were thinking of you the other day. The kids were looking for your article on Teen Ink. Is it still there, or do they cycle through? Have you written for them again?

      Will try to get my accummulated posts onto the flash drive and uploaded to the blog this afternoon. Please tell your family hello for me.


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