Faux Paw

Whenever we transport the big dogs, Ready and Tara, we usually take the truck or the Suburban, but sometimes we use the Geo Prizm. The Prizm’s a little small for two big dogs, but they share the back seat and get where they’re going with no bloodshed. Today Greg drove them to his mother’s house in the truck, left them there while he did some errands, and later came to pick them up in the car. Ready promptly came through the gate and went in the Prizm’s back door, but Tara had somehow overshot the gate and couldn’t find it. She frisked at the fence, wanting to get to the car but unable to locate an opening, until Greg guided her to the gate. Happy and relieved, she hurried through . . . and jumped onto the closed trunk of the car. In her excitement and confusion, she apparently thought she was jumping into the bed of the truck. She quickly realized her mistake, and with an embarrassed look got off the trunk and hustled into the back seat. Her enormous pawprints are still visible on the Prizm’s back window.

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