Thursday 26 March 2009

Greg and Daniel spent the morning getting ready for the Gasshuku, a three-day karate retreat that they attend in north Texas every year. Winter weather is on its way down from Oklahoma, and it’s supposed to freeze down here, so north Texas will surely be frigid. And the Gasshuku is held mostly outdoors. Well, better them than me, as indeed I say every year as they prepare for the Gasshuku. This is one of the highlights of the year for them. I am just looking forward to doing some serious writing while they’re gone. Having made a magazine sale, I have determined to send my short fiction out regularly and generate some meaningful income.


While Daniel rinsed a cooler outside, he heard thunder, and then the gobbling of wild turkeys. Anna heard the turkeys later while walking Ready, also right after some thunder. Maybe they are like Bridget, who barks at thunder, and also at the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine, and people who count out loud.

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