18 March 2009

A perfectly beautiful day for a walk! I can and do walk all three dogs together, but lately Daniel and Anna have taken over walking the big dogs, and today, at the kids’ urging, I took Bridget out by herself. It was a treat for us both.


Our narrow little country road dips occasionally into low-lying belts of woodland, mostly oak and elm. During our walk, I saw four vehicles, all trucks. Every driver lifted a hand in a laconic wave, and one of them stopped and talked to me. He lives on this road too, and he knew which house was ours; though it’s off the road a ways, you can see the metal roof from some spots along the highway. “Good luck to you,” he said.


This afternoon, Greg and I went to the Kingsbury dump and unloaded a trailerful of trash, mostly drywall scraps. I wouldn’t like to do it as a regular thing, but it made a nice little workout today.


While we were in the Suburban, we checked the mileage on today’s walk. Turns out Bridget and I walked four miles. Greg told me sternly that four miles was too long a walk for my little dog, but she trotted gamely at my side, ears perked, eyes bright with interest.


This week, Emilie has been attending horse camp at a place just down the road from Ann and Ben, and only a few minutes from our house. Emilie has been hoping and praying for a chance to learn horsemanship and riding, and God has graciously answered.

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