Friday 14 November 2008


A cow ambled by yesterday afternoon as the kids and I worked on insulation.  Anna pointed to it and said, “Behold the product of hundreds of years of selective breeding:  a rectangle on legs.”  Most modern cattle do have a strangely industrialized look to them.  They don’t appear to be real animals at all.  Heritage breeds look more natural.  I like the diminutive long-haired Scottish cattle, and Belted Galloways; and of course the traditional small Jersey cows are very pretty, with their doe-like faces, dark, long-lashed eyes, and demure sweetness.


We finished the under-the-house insulation yesterday.  Hooray!  I made one trip to Home Depot to buy more staples for the staple guns and a few other things.  A woman by herself in dusty work clothes at Home Depot is an object of interest to male employees and male customers alike.  I had ample assistance in finding all that I needed.


Today I will not be insulating anything.  I will stay home and dehydrate some pecans that I soaked in salt water overnight.  (The salt-water soak disables the enzyme inhibitors that make raw nuts difficult to digest.)  I also plan to make a pie crust and take the kids to the library.

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