Monday 13 October 2008

The weekend of 27 September, we attended a Cajun festival in Bandera and stayed overnight in our pop-up camper.  We were gone about a day and a half.  When we returned, we found Navo waiting outside with the dogs and outdoor cats.  Apparently she got out as we were leaving and spent the whole time living in the wild, where she seems to have come to terms with the outdoor cats.


The experience left its mark.  Navo, heretofore strictly an indoor kitty except for stints on the leash and harness, now regards the outdoors with more interest than she has ever shown before.  One morning as I let the dogs out, she filed out right along with them:  first Ready, then Navo, then Bridget.  And whenever the screen door doesn’t close all the way, she sees her chance and darts out.  We let her have her outdoor time as long as she is supervised and doesn’t just hunker down and eat grass, which doesn’t agree with her.

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