Sunday 12 October 2008

This afternoon, while Daniel and Emilie were sparring with wooden swords in the carport, the horse came over to tease Ready.  He often does this.  He hangs out near the fence, insolently presenting his back side to the dog, and then ignoring the outraged barking.


Today he went a little too far.  He stuck his head over the fence, not once but several times, keeping his muzzle just out of reach of Ready’s jaws.  Either he leaned down too far, or Ready jumped really high.  Whatever the case, Ready apparently nipped him on the nose, and, boy, was he surprised.  According to Daniel, he jumped back, tried to run away in four different directions, and fell down.  Gathering the shreds of his dignity, he walked off, rubbed his nose on the grass, and found another spot to graze.


Speaking of the horse reminds me that since we moved here, we have had many opportunities to see dung beetles in action.  There is plenty of dung to be had, much of it quite close to the back of the house and in the carport, as the horse and cattle are not fenced off from these areas.  To the various piles come the dung beetles.  Looking like tiny arthropod bakers, they separate some of the matter with their feet, work it into little balls, and roll the balls away to I know not where.  More power to them, I say.


The house is coming along splendidly.  The well is dug, the Hardiplank siding is finished, the plumbing and electric work are roughed in.  (We did have a minor setback a couple of days ago when the bull knocked over the well pump.)  Next on the agenda are a phone line, a propane tank, insulation, ceramic tile . . . and maybe a fence to keep the bull away from the house.


Greg is now gainfully employed, with one part-time job at H-E-B and another at The Green Gate, a nursery in Seguin.  He’s enjoying both.  One of the things that frustrated him about his previous job was the physical confinement.  That is not a problem at either of his current jobs.

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