Hot Spots and Road Rash

Daniel’s hand is healing nicely.  The exudations have decreased, and the border of healthy pink flesh around the edge of the wound is widening daily.


Bridget, my little Sheltie, has a hot spot on her rump that was not there when I brushed her two days ago.  Oddly enough, it looks a lot like Daniel’s road rash.  I bathed Bridget, then rinsed her hot spot with wound wash (an infusion of comfrey, plantain, jewelweed, and spearmint) and applied a poultice (the steeped herbs from the wound wash, plus slippery elm bark and some vitamin E oil).  She looks as if she feels better already.


After engaging a bulldozer man to come tomorrow morning and clear the building site, Greg and Daniel went out to the land and moved stuff out of the way—rolls of fencing wire and such.  The bulldozer man recognized Greg; he used to live down the road from the farm.  You can’t go far in a small town without running into someone you lived near or went to school with, or a cousin of some degree.

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