Toilet Bowl Euphoria

Today I decided to tackle the hideous mineral deposits in the sink and toilet of our bathroom.  These stains have probably been allowed to accumulate for decades, and I have been putting off this job until I had a big chunk of time to devote to it.  A bottle of some scary-looking cleaner was standing beside the toilet when we moved in, leading me to believe that the cleaning of the toilet bowl had been attempted and given up as a bad job.  Imagine my surprise when the toilet stains came off fairly easily with baking soda, vinegar, a putty knife, and a scrub brush!  The sink, too, responded well to this simple treatment.  I felt absurdly pleased with myself for my accomplishment.


My mom came over tonight and had dinner with us.  She remarked that being here makes her feel as if she is ten years old again and in her grandparents’ farmhouse.  Greg showed her pictures of his BCS.  While she had never heard of a two-wheeled tractor before, she could talk tractor with astonishing facility.  She learned to drive on a tractor as a little girl and graduated to a farm truck before her teen years.


When she left, she took the girls home with her.  Tomorrow, Greg, Daniel, and I will get up early and drive to north Texas for the day.

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