They Don’t Make Bathtubs Like They Used To

A crop of tender young shoots is coming up in the dirt yard where Greg broadcast the gerbil food.  It is an improvement.


It took two hours this morning to open five bank accounts and a CD.  This is to make sure we are not laundering money for terrorists.


Susanne has engaged Daniel to pet-sit while she and the girls go on vacation.  She has indoor cats, outdoor cats, and currently one porch cat.  Today, while Daniel fed and cared for the various kitties, Greg and Anna and I measured two disused cast iron bathtubs which lie near the tin barn across the street from Ann’s house.  We plan to use these tubs in our house and wanted to make sure we have allowed enough space for them in the house plans I have drawn.  They are each about 68” X 31”, with a wonderfully ergonomic slope for the back.


Greg and Daniel went halves on a bench grinder, which will be useful for a variety of projects, such as sharpening tools (Greg has already used it on his loppers, which have seen a lot of action lately).  Right now it is set up in the shack in the dirt yard which presently serves as Daniel’s workshop.  He worked a long time tonight on putting an edge on a knife he is making, and also restored a new, sharp edge to an old knife that had grown dull.


While Greg was on the phone with his dad tonight, I overheard him say how much he has enjoyed not having his good work on the home site undone overnight.  At TI, no matter how hard he worked or how meticulous he left the area of his responsibility before the end of his shift, by the time he came in the next day, it was always a mess again.


Emilie has been making friends with the cats and the horse.  (The cattle, she says, just stare balefully at her.)  She has always enjoyed spending a lot of time outdoors, even when she has nothing in particular to do there; it is sort of a default setting for her.  The three main free-range cats take turns nursing, grooming, and caring for one another’s kittens.

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