Monday 7 July 2008: Who Needs Sofas, Anyway?

A representative from Duluth Trading wrote back to me, saying my product suggestion had merit and would be discussed in committee.  I will be watching their catalogue for developments.


This morning, while I cleaned house, Greg did some errands and took the kids to the Luling public library.  Daniel showed the librarian the water-damaged book.  After the prompt attention he gave it, the book dried so well that the damage was hard to detect, and we were not charged.


At the bottom of the print-out that lists books checked out, there is a line that says something like, “Wow!  Today, you saved $57.96.”  Then it tells you how much you have saved for the whole year.  When asked about this, the librarian said the figure refers to how much you would have spent if you had bought the books.  Interesting:  our society is so driven by marketing, even public libraries get in on the deal.  Anna has “saved” the most:  $138 for the year.


Greg and Daniel returned to home site and loaded the remaining nine tires, removed from the stock tank, onto the trailer.


Outside our back door—which, as in many houses, is our main entrance—is a sort of dirt yard.  Why is it so bare of vegetation?  I don’t know.  The shade of the many large oak trees, though considerable, does not suffice to explain the absolute nakedness of the ground.  Shortly after we moved in, Greg broadcast half a bag of gerbil food over the area.  (The food belonged to Daniel’s gerbil, who died the very day we moved south, before the drive began.  He was an old gerbil and full of years, most of which were spent happily chewing through cardboard in the company of his father and brother, who predeceased him.)  The food mix contains millet and sunflower seeds and I know not what else, and it has attracted some seed-eating birds, like cardinals, to the dirt yard.  You can tell a seed-eater because it has a short, strongly triangular beak.  Today the yard was visited by a very colorful seed-eater whose species I don’t know.  He looks almost tropical, with patches of red, blue, and lime green.  I have seen his likeness on the cover of Ann’s bird identification book.


Tonight the kids and I watched Enchanted, checked out today from the library.  We haven’t had a TV since the kids were small, so we watch DVDs on the computer.  Of course we have to sit just right so everyone can see the twelve-by-fifteen-inch screen.  In this house, that means we sit in straight-backed chairs in the dining room.  (In my opinion this is no bad thing.  I am something of a stickler for good posture, and recently it occurred to me that people would be better off with only straight-backed chairs in their homes.  It is a struggle to maintain good posture on most sofas and armchairs, and while people may think they are comfortable, they are probably doing damage to their backs.  People used to get along fine without sofas and things, and they probably had stronger backs.  I shared my thoughts with Greg, who narrow-mindedly rejected them, and hinted that my personality had some disturbing tendencies.)

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