Thursday 3 July 2008: Another Housing Option

This morning Greg and I drove to Austin to meet with a builder of modular homes.  We are examining different housing options and hope we can get construction underway soon.


We also visited a business which sells environmentally-friendly house stuff.  This place was located in the South Congress neighborhood of Austin, which Greg and I have never visited before.  It is a very groovy, artistic sort of area, and after seeing it Greg and I both like Austin better than we ever did before.


In the afternoon, we drove the kids to their grandparents’ to do some work.  Daniel climbed a ladder to the roof of the back porch and cleaned five high windows; then he and the girls went across the road to fill in some ruts in the ground that were made when our cargo containers were delivered and set in place back in the fall.  The kids chatted with Susanne, the lady who rents the beautiful old farmhouse across the road from Ann and Ben, and in whose pool we have swum a few times.  Susanne has about upwards of a dozen free-range cats, which loll about the porch in feline indolence.  Two of the cats recently had kittens and are keeping their families under the house.

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