Friday 4 July 2008: Fireworks in Seguin

At eleven in the morning, we arrived at Ann and Ben’s for a Fourth of July party with some friends of theirs.  The food was excellent as always, with three kinds of pie in addition to haystacks.


After eating, we went to the storage containers and got some things out.  We have done a lot of coming and going between the rental house and the containers, taking things out and putting others in, trying to maintain the delicate balance between having what we need and keeping our household goods to a minimum in our small living space.  There was some momentary excitement just as we were about to drive off, when Susanne thought one of her free-range cats might have gotten shut into one of the containers; but he was found under the house, safe and sound.


We met my mom at Los Cucos in Seguin for dinner.  (I love the salsa at Los Cucos.  They give you a red kind, made with roasted peppers or something and served warm, and a green kind, which tastes of avocado, cilantro, and lime.  I like to get one of each kind to myself so I can double dip.  I scoop it up by the tablespoon.)


I told my mom about the groovy South Congress neighborhood in Austin and how much I liked it.  She asked, “Did you know you used to live there?”  I did know we lived in Austin for a little while when I was a toddler, but did not know where.


After dinner we drove out to the Coliseum in Seguin to watch fireworks.  This year, with gas prices so high, the city of Seguin waived the gate fee at their Freedom Fiesta, held over Fourth of July weekend.

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