Chorizo and Eggs

 Today was the regularly scheduled meeting of the Circle of Christian Authors, my writers’ group.  I did some work on the CCA Yahoo! group and posted my own ten pages to be read and critiqued by other members.


In the Rio Grande Valley, where I grew up, I learned to love chorizo, a wonderfully flavorful Mexican sausage with a bright, pungent aroma.  I remember driving across the Mexican border for dinner with my parents, and ordering Queso Flameado—good goat cheese topped with chorizo and briefly set on fire.  I introduced Greg to chorizo after we married, and now he loves it too.


With its strong flavor, chorizo pairs well with eggs; lately I have been craving some for breakfast.  Greg and I shopped for chorizo today and were overheard talking about it at the meat case by a friendly Hispanic man, who offered some advice.  Judging from his excitement, he must really love his chorizo and eggs.  He showed us which brand was his favorite, assured us the kielbasa-style sausage would easily come out of its casing, and told us what proportion to use of eggs to chorizo links.


We also shopped at Goodwill, where I found a pair of tough camouflage pants with cargo pockets that fits me perfectly.  They are not Fire Hose Pants, of course, but they will be good work pants for me.

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