We Close on the House

Trash day in Kingsbury.  Greg loaded our cans into the bed of the truck and drove them out past the gate.  Of course he removed Sandy’s kittens first.  She was eating cat food at the time and didn’t notice.  When she did mosey over and notice the truck’s disappearance, she was so surprised she stopped in mid-step.  I showed her the two kitties, safe in a bucket.  After Greg brought the truck back she acted like she wanted to return the kittens there, but the truck was now facing the other way and this confused her hopelessly.  She kept jumping onto the hood of the truck with a kitten in her mouth and waiting for it to turn into the bed.  Finally she took her kittens to a new home in a horse trailer that’s visible from our back door.


Greg and I drove to the Krum house, cleaned it, and emptied it of a few odds and ends that had been left behind.  At two o’clock we arrived at the title company for closing.  Greg kept waiting for something to go wrong and wreck the whole deal.  Some people think the glass is half empty, some think the glass is half full.  Greg thinks, “This glass is getting ready to explode.”  But the closing went off without a hitch, and took surprisingly little time.  Apparently there is a lot less hassle on the seller end of the deal.


At three, we met the Paloses at Starbucks.  For five and a half years, Greg and Daniel have studied Isshinryu Karate from them.  Though we now live five hours away, the guys intend to continue their training, and in August Greg plans to return to north Texas for a grueling week of black belt testing.  For the two months preceding his testing, Greg is expected to attend two workouts a week, plus monthly brown belt workouts, without fail.  Because of our move, he is allowed to conduct the two weekly workouts from afar, and document his work.  He calls the Paloses early in the week to find out what is being emphasized in that week’s workouts—kata, kumite, throws, or whatever.  Then he and Daniel work together on those things for two hours, and at the end Greg writes down the date and what they did.


To help with this process, the Paloses presented Greg with a notebook filled with recording sheets like they use for conducting class.  The cover is labeled “Kingsbury Dojo.”  Very nice.

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