Church-Visiting in a Small Town

This morning we attended Luling’s Cowboy Bible Church.  Within five minutes of walking up to the front porch, we knew basic information about the family connections of the people standing around, and Greg’s personal history with them.  The preacher placed him right away; turns out he and Greg once got into something of a tussle on the football practice field.  (Later, over lunch, Greg told the whole story, in gleeful detail, to the kids and me.)  The preacher seems a very nice man, and though he obviously remembered the incident, he showed no inclination to renew the hostilities.


Greg’s mother and grandmother were both teachers, and that gives him a connection to just about everybody.  A lady at the cowboy church was taught by his grandmother and remembered her fondly.


We ate lunch at Salsa’s, then went to the Thump.  Admission is free on Sunday.  All the exciting events, such as the crowning of the Watermelon Thump Queen,  the Seed-Spitting Competition, and the auctioning off of winning watermelons (the first place winner, a 67-pounder raised by a seventeen-year-old, sold for $10,000 to the bank) occurred earlier in the festival.  Today things quietly wound down.  We all looked at merchandise for sale in booths, and Greg bought me a straw cowboy hat to replace the one I left behind on the writers’ retreat.  A lot of items had been made to look like watermelons—purses, jewelry, and the like.  Greg and I danced to the music of a band called The Moods, just as his grandparents used to back in the day—same band, with the addition of a young whippersnapper of a member in his fifties.


The dogs recently had a glancing encounter with a skunk, so after coming home from the Thump, we bathed them—a thankless task, as they rolled in dirt and grass clippings immediately afterwards.  My mom came over with huge quantities of Styrofoam plates, plastic ware, paper towels, and toilet paper, which she bought for us from Sam’s.  (I don’t like using disposables, but the size of the kitchen is such that I want to keep dishwashing to a minimum.)  Then she took the kids home with her.  They will stay at her house tomorrow when Greg and I drive to Denton to close on the house.  During the evening, Greg napped in the recliner, and I worked on house plans.

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