A Slow Day

Greg and I dropped Daniel off at Ann and Ben’s to do some work, then cruised Luling so Greg could show me how to get to the Luling Clubhouse for Saturday’s high school reunion (he will leave ahead of us to work on the Class of 88 float, which will be part of the Watermelon Thump parade).  While we were out, we picked up Ann and Ben’s dogs from the groomer.


After trying in vain for days to find a local repair person who could immediately attend to our riding mower, Greg started reading the manual and ended up repairing the thing himself.  This put me in mind of one of my favorite Dilbert strips, in which Dogbert is running a help desk (actually I think he calls it the no-help-at-all desk).  A caller asks him for instructions on how to make a pie chart.  Dogbert tells him to chop his computer into little pieces, bake them in the oven, and “while you’re waiting, read the free novel we sent you.  It’s a Spanish story about a guy named ‘Manual.’”


In the evening, Greg decided to trim his beard to look nice for the reunion tomorrow.  Not wanting to get whiskers in the sink and upset the delicate balance of the plumbing, he borrowed Emilie’s stand-up mirror, set it on the pop-up camper, and plugged his beard-trimmer into one of the many auxiliary electric outlets on the carport.  Shirtless, he groomed.  I came outside and informed him that he might be a redneck.

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