Moving Day for the Kitties

Once again, I spent the bulk of my day working on the house.  In the course of yet another trip to H-E-B, we again drove by the house-moving place, and this time there was a woman there for us to talk to.  Getting a building moved to the property sounds like a good possibility for us.  The moving place has a steady supply of school buildings—not little red schoolhouses, but simple rectangular structures from recent decades, solidly built and still in good shape after being transported.  We have always favored house plans that look like giant rectangles; they are economical to build, wire, and roof.  We walked around inside a thirty-by-seventy-foot school building, startling some pigeons that had been roosting inside.  When we got home, I got out my pencil and graph paper and started working on thirty-by-seventy-foot house plans.


Today Sandy decided she’d had enough of the barbecue and moved her kittens to the back of the truck.  Greg moved them out again.

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