This Kitchen is my World

I woke at 7:30 this morning, feeling alert and eager to unload.  Within half an hour I was outside, undoing ropes and straps, pulling off tarps, and unloading.  I managed to get a lot done while Greg and the kids slept.  It was a far easier job than driving a loaded trailer through the night.


I worked in the kitchen most of the day.  It is becoming my world.  I work and work, and work some more, and yet the kitchen never looks any neater, because as soon as I empty one box I bring in another and start on it.  We walk like storks to get around all the boxes.  Cooking the way I do—grinding my own flour from whole grain, culturing dairy products, making lacto-fermented beverages—requires a lot of equipment.  Fitting it all in is a tough mental challenge.  Well, at least we don’t have junk food to store.


In the heat of the afternoon we visited the Luling Public Library and checked out books.  It was a treat to be in a tidy air-conditioned space.

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