Some Surprises

Another walk with the dogs, then breakfast, and back to work on the house.  The girls helped me in the kitchen.  Emilie’s small size was helpful in papering some of the harder-to-get-inside cabinets.  I taught her to cut and tape the freezer paper; then I concentrated on cleaning the remaining cabinets.  Given the state of the house, our landlords’ lack of interest in maintaining it properly, and our own lack of incentive to do improvements without recompense, making the place pretty is too much to expect.  We aspire only to make it sanitary and livable for a few months.  I may say that this is no easy task.  Compared to our Krum house, this place is dirty and rough; but compared to tent camping, it’s comfortable enough.


For lunch, Greg grilled some sausages—not in the grill that houses Sandy and her kittens, but in our own grill, which Greg set up in front of the other.  When I saw how close it was to the kitty grill, I asked if the heat from the fire would hurt the kitties.  Greg reasonably explained that if the fire were hot enough to hurt the kitties from that distance, it would be unsafe for him to stand there and operate the grill.  He was right.


After lunch we had a brief visit from some of our landlords.  We learned some things about the house’s condition that had not been previously disclosed.  The inoperable dishwasher, as it turns out, will not be replaced, so after the consortium left Greg got to work removing it.  No sense in it taking up space, as I have little enough kitchen storage as it is.  Our plan is to clean out the cavity, put in some shelves, and cover the front with a curtain.  However, this will have to wait, as it turns out the dishwasher has no shutoff valve.


We worked into the afternoon till about three, then visited the pool across the road from my in-laws again.  We had a spirited game of Marco Polo, made even more lively by Emilie, who did not play but swam around independently and kept getting caught by mistake.  Nobody caught Greg, and after boasting for a while about his prowess, he took a turn as Marco just for fun.


Siphoning continues on the hot tub; the water level is down considerably.


We made yet another trip to Seguin, for groceries and the supplies needed to disconnect the dishwasher.  I will be glad when I have the kitchen situation organized and can stop making so many grocery runs.  After dinner, I worked on rough drafts for the blog until bedtime.

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