It’s Official!

Our house is now officially on the market, and our real estate agent has already had a call about it!  The girls and I put the sign in the yard this morning.  The guys weren’t around to help us pound it in, so Anna and I stood on it, facing opposite sides, and sank it to an appropriate height.

If you want to buy our house, or know someone who might, or just want to see the listing, go here.

Several months ago, Greg bought two cargo containers, like you see on freight trains, and set them up on the farm.  Ever since, whenever we have gone to the farm for a visit, we have taken a trailer-load of stuff to store in the containers:  out-of-season clothing, furniture we can get by without, garden supplies, and the like.  We have been without most of our books for a long time; Daniel says this has compelled him to write more, and I daresay it has done the same for me.

I admit I was shocked when Greg blithely decided we didn’t need a coffee table anymore (where would I put my tea cup?) and could get easily along without my dresser (he cleared one drawer for me in his).  Daniel, I imagine, was surprised to hear that his Lego bricks were extraneous items that could be done without in the short term.  We have missed some of the things, but overall I have been surprised by how well we’ve managed.  This bodes well for our immediate future in a smaller house.

Because of all the paring down, our house now has a clean, spare, minimalist look–insofar as it is possible for any 1621-square-foot house of a home-schooling family with five pets to look minimalist, or spare, or clean.

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